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New Release!

Pretzel Twist Cover

Griddle Creek. A breakfast story! Griddle Creek combines our two loves, breakfast and comics. Griddle Creek is the ideal destination for adventure and fun. “Pretzel Twist” is the fourth volume in the Griddle Creek Series. We are proud to announce it is now available on Amazon and Kindle.
Also available: Sugar Rush, Fools Gold, and Spilled Milk.

New Release!

Copy of Now Available

It’s a breakfast story!  Griddle Creek combines our two loves, breakfast and comics. For those who enjoy mixing fun and adventure, Griddle Creek is the ideal destination. “Spilled Milk” is the third volume in the Griddle Creek Series. We are proud to announce it is now available on Amazon and Createspace.


Design Police Dept

The next stop on our Griddle Creek tour brings us to the local Police Station. Nobody likes to include a Police station on their sightseeing tour but these are the men and women that help to keep Griddle Creek the lovely community that it is. Don’t worry, we doubt that you will ever need them on your visit. In fact, you are more likely to see officers at the local hangouts than at a crime scene. However, if you ever do need them the Griddle Creek Police Department (G.C.P.D.) is always available to assist you. The two top officers in the department are currently Officer Long and his partner Officer Cakeman. This duo has an uncanny knack for solving crimes. This is much to the dismay of Officer Glazier and Officer King who are jealous because they want to be the top officer duo in the department.

National Cheeseburger Day!

Design Chesseburger

The town of Griddle Creek is celebrating Cheeseburger Day.

What to do: Stop into your favorite place and order yourself a cheeseburger. The options range from the high-end at The Maple Hotel through to the more budget friendly at the Burger Manor.

Where to do it: The two most popular places in town with the locals are the Sunnyside Diner and Burger Manor. If you’re trying to decide, Burger Manor is a fast food establishment so you may save some time. However, for taste, the Sunnyside Diner is definitely the better option. The Sunnyside Diner has a cheeseburger special going today. Come in for the burgers and stay for the pie.

Inside tip: Don’t let it slip to Sonny or Christie that you eat at Burger Manor unless you want to start something you can’t finish.

New Release!

Now Available

Griddle Creek combines our two loves, breakfast and comics. For those who enjoy mixing fun and adventure, Griddle Creek is the ideal destination. “Sugar Rush” is the first volume in the Griddle Creek Series. We are proud to announce it is now available on Amazon and everywhere books are sold.

Mission Uncomfortable!

Design Book Release 2

It has been a full week and Fluffy is still camped outside of the bookstore. He is still determined to be first in line for the Griddle Creek book release this week. He thought the line would be longer. Either way, he is ahead of those slackers who plan on showing up at the last minute. Camping is fun but he is definitely ready to go home and sleep in his own bed. Fluffy’s list of things to do in the morning reads as follows:
• Buy the book.
• Take a shower.
• See a chiropractor.

Positive Vibes!

Design Positive Thinking Day

Today is National Positive Thinking Day! If you are new to Positive Thinking Day, it is a day set aside each year to concentrate on all things positive. Residents of Griddle Creek are taking time out to concentrate on the good stuff. Positive feelings and thoughts are for good for mental and physical health. So, join the Griddle Creek residents in spreading some positive vibes today.

What to do: If you are not sure what to do to celebrate, here are a few suggestions to set the tone.
• Say some positive affirmations.
• Hang around with positive people.
• Show gratitude for the simple things in life.
• Read or watch positive, motivational books and movies.
• Be kind to someone today.
• Simply smile.

Where to do it: Any and everywhere. Begin thinking about the good stuff and chase those pessimistic thoughts from your head. Encourage someone to be optimistic today.

Insider tip: Positive vibes are contagious. You’ll be much more fun to be around.

It’s Game Day!

Design Game day

It’s game day! Grab your favorite snacks, invite some friends over, and cheer for your favorite team. A good host makes sure their guests are comfortable and provided refreshments. However, if the host has a special treat he or she wants to make sure ends up on their plate we suggest they set some aside early. The game is at Caffe’s place this week. He went to the Sunnyside Diner and picked up everybody’s favorite wings. His guests have arrived and the game has started. Caffe makes the rookie mistake of setting out Sonny’s fire grilled buffalo wings before disappearing into the kitchen to mix up some drinks. He returns minutes later to find the wings have been inhaled! He’s kicking himself because he knows better. Caffe throws the challenge flag but it is not upheld. Upon further review, there is no foul on the play, second down!

Daily Special!

Design Daily Special

Griddle Creek has several choices for hungry patrons ranging from casual to upscale. No need to plan ahead, the majority of dining establishments do not require a reservation.

What to do: A popular casual food stop is the Sunnyside Diner. If you want to meet some of the residents you’ll be sure to encounter a few at the Diner. Get a booth or take a seat at the breakfast bar. There are lots of tasty dishes on the menu. If you’re unsure what to order you can never go wrong with the daily special. There is usually a soup and pie of the day on special. So, place your order, sit back, and enjoy the atmosphere. The Sunnyside Diner has been a staple in the Griddle Creek community for years. The ownership may have changed hands over the years but the quality of the food has remained consistent. Sonny is the current owner. Sonny and Christie are both super friendly and always willing to spark up a friendly conversation. By the time you leave you’ll feel like family.

Where to do it: When it comes to casual dining the Sunnyside Diner is hard to beat. The Diner is located in the middle of town. If you get lost any local can point you in the right direction. If you’re short on time order a slice of famous pie and a large cup of Sun juice to go.

Insider Tip: During the football season, the big seller is the fire grilled buffalo wings. Once you have tried them you’ll know why. You better put your order in early if you want a tray for football Sunday.

First in Line!

Design Book Release

Things are normal around town. The residents are out and about enjoying their day. Fluffy visits the local book store in search of some new reading material. It is good timing on his part because the book store is having a sale. A poster in the window catches his eye but unfortunately, this title is not available yet. The clerk at the register advises Fluffy the selection, Griddle Creek: Sugar Rush, will not be available until the 15th. Fluffy thanks the clerk and leaves the store, only to return 20 minutes later.

What to do: Fluffy returns to the book store with a tent and sleeping bag. He promptly begins to set up a base camp outside of the store. Fluffy plans to camp out so he is first in line on the 15th.

Where to do it: On the sidewalk, outside of the book store, in everybody’s way.

Insider Tip: When Fluffy makes his mind up to do something there is no talking him out of it. He has an amazing amount of willpower.