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National Comic Book Day!

Design Books in bed

It is National Comic Book Day!

Time to revisit some of your favorite comic books and remind yourself why you loved them so much.

Take the time to discover a new comic book, you just may be surprised by what you find.

There are so many genres and styles to choose from that you are sure to find something to peak your interest.

Nothing but Net!

Design Basketball

Falls is near but summer in Griddle Creek is not over yet. The weather is still nice enough to shoot some hoops outside. If you’re in town today get out and enjoy it.

What to do: If you are like Hugo, you go out and try to capture some video footage to post to your social media page.

Where to do it: Hugo is down at Early Bird Park trying to convince people he is the third Splash Brother. Right now, he looks more like a distant cousin.

Inside tip: If Hugo asks you to film one of his trick shots, make sure you have fully charged phone and a lot of patience.

Brought to you by the Griddle Creek Board of Tourism.

Happy Father’s Day!

Design Fathers Day

Take time out today to celebrate Dads. Give Dad a break and treat him to the fine cuisine at the Sunnyside Diner.

What to do: Don’t make Dad grill his own meal. Take him out to show your appreciation.

Where to do it: The Sunnyside Diner of course. Dads hate long lines, you can walk right into the Sunnyside Diner today without a reservation.

Inside tip: Unlike on Mother’s Day, immediate seating is available!


Brought to you by the Griddle Creek Board of Tourism.

Eggscuse Me?!

Design Egg day

The Sunnyside Diner welcomes all patrons. However, they do reserve the right to refuse service.

What to do: Come in and enjoy the expansive menu. Daily specials are listed on the board behind the counter.

Where to do it: If you don’t know the address ask any local resident for directions.

Inside tip: Think twice before you order, or risk getting kicked out.


Brought to you by the Griddle Creek Board of Tourism.

May the 4th be with You!

Design May 4

Happy Friday everybody!

What to do: Have a great day.

Where to do it: Wherever you are.

Inside tip: Sonny has been accidentally cutting stuff up all day, do not let him near your sandwich or anything else you wish to keep.


Brought to you by the Griddle Creek Board of Tourism.

Pajama Jama Jam!

Design Pajama Day

The taxes have been filed and now it’s time to let go of the stress and wear your pajamas to work. This is the earliest Sonny has made it into work all year because he didn’t have to spend time deciding what to wear.

What to do: Wear your pajamas to work or leave them on if you work from home.

Where to do it: Wherever you are legally allowed to, we suggest you check ahead of time.

Inside tip: Thank goodness Sonny chose different pajamas this year, nobody wanted a repeat of the long john flap fiasco that occurred last year.


Brought to you by the Griddle Creek Board of Tourism.

Bring your “A” Game!

Design Bracketology

The Intramural 3-on-3 basketball tournament is underway at the Griddle Creek Gymnasium. The brackets have been drawn and all the first-round games have been played. If you missed any of the game action, here is the recap of the results:

Instant Domination vs Inferno of Vengeance
Inferno of Vengeance’s championship hopes went up in flames as they were easily defeated by Instant Domination. Brandi set a fast pace early for Instant Domination and Inferno of Vengeance could not catch their breath. Sean took advantage of a worn-down Inferno of Vengeance defense by making well over 60% of his shots. Hugo chipped in 8 rebounds in a winning effort while still having time to order a victory pizza.

Reflex Victory vs Triple Action
Reflex Victory played a great first half but ultimately fell victim to the three-point prowess of Triple Action in the second half. Team Reflex Victory simply did not have enough long-range shooters to keep pace with Triple Action. Fluffy dominated on the boards for Triple Action with 15 rebounds while DeCaffe went 6 of 9 from the three-point line to lead all scorers with 25 points.

Triple Jeopardy vs Police Academy
The Triple Jeopardy versus Police Academy game came down to the wire with Triple Jeopardy losing on a last-second shot. The game really could have gone to either team. Police Academy had a balanced offensive attack with Officer Long and Officer Cakeman each scoring 18 points. They needed every last one of those points to win.

Sunnyside Ballers vs Dukes of Danger
Sunnyside Ballers advances past Dukes of Danger in a game that ceased to be competitive once Duke of Danger’s best player pulled a hamstring and was forced to watch a large portion of the game from the bench. Christy led the way for Sunnyside Ballers with 18 points and 10 assists while Sonny led all players in personal fouls with 6. Sonny swears that he did not foul anybody the whole game. However, the bruises on the opponent say different.


Brought to you by the Griddle Creek Board of Tourism.

Come in, we have Pi!

Design Pi Day

Today is Pi day, to celebrate, the Sunnyside Diner is running a special on all of their famous pies. It is going to be a busy day.

What to do: Grab your purse or wallet and save lots of room for dessert.

Where to do it: If you’re in Griddle Creek, get down to the Sunnyside Diner as soon as possible before the line gets too long. If you’re anywhere else, unfortunately, your local diner will have to do.

Inside tip: Excuse Sonny’s lack of math skills, he’s still adjusting to daylight saving time.


Brought to you by the Griddle Creek Board of Tourism.

Daylight Saving Time!

Design Daylight Savings

Daylight savings time in Griddle Creek is here again. Time to set your clocks ahead an hour. Everybody loves when they gain an hour but not so much when they lose one.

What to do: Set all of your clocks ahead to the correct time as soon as possible. Don’t be the person that shows up late because they thought they had more time

Inside tip: Meals at the Diner may be a little late today, Sonny forgot to set his clock forward. They apologize for any inconvenience. On the plus side, the lunch menu will be available for an hour longer than usual.


Brought to you by the Griddle Creek Board of Tourism.