Griddle Greek: Sugar Rush (Book 1)

Design Cover 1

A delicious distraction! You may notice something just a little different about this town. It’s a happy place where everybody gets along. Well, not quite everybody. Journey with officers Cakeman and Long as they race against time to protect a celebrity socialite against an evil blackmail plot. A plot with the potential to greatly change the lives of everybody involved.

Griddle Creek: Fools Gold (Book 2)

Design Cover 2

The past never dies! Everything appears to be back to normal in the town of Griddle Creek. There is great excitement surrounding a big event coming to town. A priceless diamond, long thought to be lost, has resurfaced as part of a highly anticipated museum exhibit. The popular museum exhibit attracts all sorts of attention but not everybody there is interested in just looking.

Griddle Creek: Spilled Milk (Book 3)

Design Cover 3

The glass half empty! Life in the town of Griddle Creek is sweet. This sweet life is threatened when a peculiar problem is discovered at the town’s new dairy farm. A desperate dairy farmer looks for answers before it is too late. Will the farmer be able to discover a solution or will his farm be left high and dry.

Griddle Creek: Pretzel Twist (Book 4)

Design Cover 5

Salt is the most common seasoning! Don is considered to be one of the best private security guards in the business. While working on an out of town assignment, he is framed for a crime he did not commit. Don evades arrest and goes into hiding. He escapes to the underground in search of clues. Will he be able to clear his name or forever live as a fugitive.

Griddle Creek: French Dressing (Book 5)

Design Cover 4

The art of crime! Sonny owns the town’s most successful diner. While Sonny loves the diner, he craves more excitement in his life. He cannot believe his good fortune when he receives an opportunity to take part in making a big screen movie. Will this be the big adventure he has been searching for his whole life?

Griddle Creek: Fishy Business (Book 6)

Design Cover 6

Get into character! Hugo is out to convince everybody is town that he has turned over a new leaf. He just wants to live life as a model citizen. While most of the town is really impressed by Hugo’s change, there are a few folks that are just not convinced. Will Hugo stay on the straight path or will he fall back into his old ways?

Griddle Creek: Coloring & Activity Book

Design Cover 8

Grab your favorite colored pencils or crayons and join the residents of Griddle Creek for some coloring fun. Color in your favorite characters, complete the activities, and create your own adventures! It’s all waiting for you!

Griddle Creek: Lost Treasure (Book 7)

X marks the spot! Sonny is always looking for more excitement in his life. A random trip to a local museum may provide Sonny with the excitement he has been looking for. An old treasure map leads him out on an adventure to locate a lost fortune. Will Sonny find the lost treasure or will somebody else beat him to it.

Griddle Creek: Trick or Treat (Book 8)

Halloween Book Cover

You’re Invited! It is Halloween in Griddle Creek.  The streets are filled with excited trick or treaters.  Some town residents are very excited about a mysterious party invitation they received.  Nobody knows who sent the party invitations, but they do not want to miss out.  Will this be the best Halloween party ever or will it turn out different than they expect.

Griddle Creek: All Aboard is coming soon!

Griddle Creek: A Griddle Creek Christmas

GC Christmas Cover

It is Christmas time in your favorite town,

The residents are excited, there is a buzz all around,

So, flip through the pages and take a sneak peek,

Learn what Christmas time is like in Griddle Creek.

New Griddle Creek adventures coming soon!