May the 4th be with You!

Design May 4

Happy Friday everybody!

What to do: Have a great day.

Where to do it: Wherever you are.

Inside tip: Sonny has been accidentally cutting stuff up all day, do not let him near your sandwich or anything else you wish to keep.

Breakfast of Champions!

Design Oatmeal Cookie

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, just because it has oatmeal in it does not mean it is a healthy breakfast.

What to do: Eat a healthy balanced breakfast.

Where to do it: The Sunnyside Diner has several healthy breakfast options and just as many non-healthy options.

Inside tip: Sonny cracks himself up. He was so busy laughing that he ended up burning his next batch of cookies. Sonny says he forgot. Christy says it’s karma.

Feel the Burn!

Design GC Gym

Spring has finally sprung, and the residents of Griddle Creek are in the gym working on their summer bodies. Being healthy is really the main goal of most of the gym members, there are not many professional bodybuilders in Griddle Creek.

What to do: Are you feeling a little sluggish after your trip to the Sunnyside Diner? Stop by the Griddle Creek Gym and work some of those calories off.

Where to do it: The Griddle Creek Gym is very accommodating to travelers. Be sure to stop in and get a day pass. They are open 7 days per week. Enjoy the latest in workout equipment or try one of the several fitness classes offered.

Inside tip: The best time to get a workout in is after 8 o’clock in the morning because most of the locals will have left for work. The best time to people watch is in the evening, you never know what characters will show up.

New Release!

Copy of Pretzel Twist Cover

Griddle Creek. A breakfast story! Griddle Creek combines our two loves, breakfast and comics. Griddle Creek is the ideal destination for adventure and fun. “French Dressing” is the fifth volume in the Griddle Creek Series. We are proud to announce it is now available on Amazon and Kindle.

Also available: Sugar Rush, Fools Gold, Spilled Milk, and Pretzel Twist.

Pajama Jama Jam!

Design Pajama Day

The taxes have been filed and now it’s time to let go of the stress and wear your pajamas to work. This is the earliest Sonny has made it into work all year because he didn’t have to spend time deciding what to wear.

What to do: Wear your pajamas to work or leave them on if you work from home.

Where to do it: Wherever you are legally allowed to, we suggest you check ahead of time.

Inside tip: Thank goodness Sonny chose different pajamas this year, nobody wanted a repeat of the long john flap fiasco that occurred last year.

We are Family!

Design Siblings Day

It’s National Siblings Day in Griddle Creek and Sonny has made plans to get together with his siblings at the Sunnyside Diner for dinner.

What to do: Reach out and spend time with your siblings.

Where to do it: The Sunnyside Diner. When your sibling owns a diner you always have a reservation.

Inside tip: Just because Sonny owns the Diner doesn’t mean his siblings are free to order whatever they want.

Happy Easter!

Design Happy Easter

Today is Easter in Griddle Creek. Sunny thought it would be fun to hire an actor to dress up and hand out chocolate candy to the customers. Easter is traditionally a slow day at the Sunnyside Diner, so Sunny is hoping this will help bring in some customers today.

What to do: If you’re in Griddle Creek, stop into the Sunnyside Diner and say hello.

Where to do it: The Sunnyside Diner has free chocolate, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Inside tip: Just take the free chocolate. Don’t even bother asking Sonny about the costumed animal handing it out.

We are the Champions!

Design Champions

The Intramural 3-on-3 basketball tournament is back underway at the Griddle Creek Gymnasium. This is the last weekend of the tournament. If you missed any of the game action, here is the recap:

Instant Domination vs Sunnyside Ballers
The sun has set on Sunnyside Ballers’ season as they were defeated by last year’s champion Instant Domination. Sonny was so disappointed he took his ball and went straight home.

Police Academy vs. Triple Action
Triple Action’s favorite weapon was not able to escape the long arm of the law as they were upset by Police Academy. Officer Cakeman was so excited he called his mom to tell her the good news.

Instant Domination vs Police Academy
The stage was set for the championship game. Last year’s champion Instant Domination versus the newcomer Police Academy. Instant Domination took advantage of Police Academy’s early game jitters and got out to a big lead in the first half. Brandi got out to her usual fast start with 12 first-half points and 8 assists. Police Academy made a run in the second half, but the deficit was too large to overcome, and they fell just short. Officer Long had the game of his life, dominating on the inside with 22 points and 15 rebounds. Hugo intentionally fouled Officer Long in the closing minutes to send him to the free throw line. As Hugo had hoped, Officer Long missed the second free throw under the pressure and Instant Domination was able to seal the win. Instant Domination are champions once again! To celebrate Hugo cut down the basketball net.

Inside tip: As part of the award ceremony Hugo was presented with a bill for a new basketball net. Instant Domination has never been humble winners. They took it upon themselves to have championship t-shirts and hats made. T-shirts and hats are not part of the Intramural 3-on-3 basketball tournament prizes; the rules say you get a trophy. Instant Domination is also planning a victory parade through downtown Griddle Creek next week. Victory parades are also not part of the Intramural 3-on-3 basketball tournament prizes.

Bring your “A” Game!

Design Bracketology

The Intramural 3-on-3 basketball tournament is underway at the Griddle Creek Gymnasium. The brackets have been drawn and all the first-round games have been played. If you missed any of the game action, here is the recap of the results:

Instant Domination vs Inferno of Vengeance
Inferno of Vengeance’s championship hopes went up in flames as they were easily defeated by Instant Domination. Brandi set a fast pace early for Instant Domination and Inferno of Vengeance could not catch their breath. Sean took advantage of a worn-down Inferno of Vengeance defense by making well over 60% of his shots. Hugo chipped in 8 rebounds in a winning effort while still having time to order a victory pizza.

Reflex Victory vs Triple Action
Reflex Victory played a great first half but ultimately fell victim to the three-point prowess of Triple Action in the second half. Team Reflex Victory simply did not have enough long-range shooters to keep pace with Triple Action. Fluffy dominated on the boards for Triple Action with 15 rebounds while DeCaffe went 6 of 9 from the three-point line to lead all scorers with 25 points.

Triple Jeopardy vs Police Academy
The Triple Jeopardy versus Police Academy game came down to the wire with Triple Jeopardy losing on a last-second shot. The game really could have gone to either team. Police Academy had a balanced offensive attack with Officer Long and Officer Cakeman each scoring 18 points. They needed every last one of those points to win.

Sunnyside Ballers vs Dukes of Danger
Sunnyside Ballers advances past Dukes of Danger in a game that ceased to be competitive once Duke of Danger’s best player pulled a hamstring and was forced to watch a large portion of the game from the bench. Christy led the way for Sunnyside Ballers with 18 points and 10 assists while Sonny led all players in personal fouls with 6. Sonny swears that he did not foul anybody the whole game. However, the bruises on the opponent say different.