Summer Goals!

Design Summer Goals

Summer, summer, summertime. It is officially summer in Griddle Creek. Stay cool everybody.

What to do: Have some fun in the sun. Check on the elderly. Remember to stay hydrated.

Where to do it: Outside of your living room. Stay safe out there.

Inside tip: The Sunnyside Diner now operating under reduced summer hours. Sonny doesn’t plan to spend his whole summer standing over a hot flat top grill.

Fun with Filters!

Design Selfie Day

Meet Wyat. Wyat never misses a chance to take a selfie. The residents of Griddle Creek know that phone is an extension of his body.

What to do: Grab your phone and have some fun with filters.

Where to do it: On your own phone. Residents of Griddle Creek get upset when they find pictures of you on their phone.

Inside tip: Work on your poses because you never know when Wyat is around taking selfies.

Happy Father’s Day!

Design Fathers Day

Take time out today to celebrate Dads. Give Dad a break and treat him to the fine cuisine at the Sunnyside Diner.

What to do: Don’t make Dad grill his own meal. Take him out to show your appreciation.

Where to do it: The Sunnyside Diner of course. Dads hate long lines, you can walk right into the Sunnyside Diner today without a reservation.

Inside tip: Unlike on Mother’s Day, immediate seating is available!

Eggscuse Me?!

Design Egg day

The Sunnyside Diner welcomes all patrons. However, they do reserve the right to refuse service.

What to do: Come in and enjoy the expansive menu. Daily specials are listed on the board behind the counter.

Where to do it: If you don’t know the address ask any local resident for directions.

Inside tip: Think twice before you order, or risk getting kicked out.

Ice Pops Rock!

Design Popsicles

The weather is warming up in Griddle Creek and the residents are getting out to enjoy it. It has been a long winter, but the warm-up is finally here. Today marks the official start of the town’s big tourism season.

What to do: Get out and soak up the warm weather. Griddle Creek has many parks, lakes, and beaches to appreciate. Find yourself a cool refreshment to enjoy while you explore the town.

Where to do it: If you happen upon the Frozen Treats truck while exploring, be sure to try one of the many delightful frozen treats on the menu. They are all made from the finest local ingredients and are very popular with the residents of Griddle Creek.

Inside tip: Sonny tells people he buys two treats at a time because he gets dehydrated easily, but really, he is just greedy.

May the 4th be with You!

Design May 4

Happy Friday everybody!

What to do: Have a great day.

Where to do it: Wherever you are.

Inside tip: Sonny has been accidentally cutting stuff up all day, do not let him near your sandwich or anything else you wish to keep.