Design Caffe

Meet Caffe’.  He is the Host of the most popular radio show in town.

Design DeCaffe

Meet DeCaffe’.  She is the Co-Host of the most popular radio show in town.

Design Long

Meet Officer Long.  He is Griddle Creek Police Department’s (G.C.P.D.) best officer.

Design Cakeman

Meet Officer Cakeman.  He is a Rookie and Officer Long’s new bright-eyed partner.

Design Peaches

Meet Peaches.  She is a Socialite and part of the most famous family in Griddle Creek.

Design Wyat

Meet Wyat.  He is a Personal Assistant to the stars and is obsessed with taking selfies.

Design Sonny

Meet Sonny.  He owns the Sunnyside Diner but is always looking for something more exciting.

Design Sizzle

Meet Christy.  She Co-owns the Sunnyside Diner and tries to keep Sonny in line.

Design Hugo

Meet Hugo.  He works for the Hidden Boss and is usually up to something no good.

Design Hidden Boss

Meet the Hidden Boss.  He is the Criminal Master Mind in town who prefers to be anonymous.

Design Fluffy

Meet Jack aka ‘Fluffy’.  He owns Fluffy Farms and works to provide fresh farm goods to all of the businesses around town.

Design Harv

Meet Harvey.  He is a former special agent and Master of Disguise. He is available for hire to the highest bidder.

Design Patty

Meet Patty.  He owns Patti’s Trucking and delivers goods to the businesses in town.

Design Don

Meet Don.  He is a former celebrity bodyguard/security looking to clear his name.

Design Sasha

Meet Sasha.  She owns the Couture Boutique and is obsessed with style and fashion.

Design Sean

Meet Sean.  He owns the popular hangout spot named the Strawberry Patch.