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Daily Special!

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Griddle Creek has several choices for hungry patrons ranging from casual to upscale. No need to plan ahead, the majority of dining establishments do not require a reservation.

What to do: A popular casual food stop is the Sunnyside Diner. If you want to meet some of the residents you’ll be sure to encounter a few at the Diner. Get a booth or take a seat at the breakfast bar. There are lots of tasty dishes on the menu. If you’re unsure what to order you can never go wrong with the daily special. There is usually a soup and pie of the day on special. So, place your order, sit back, and enjoy the atmosphere. The Sunnyside Diner has been a staple in the Griddle Creek community for years. The ownership may have changed hands over the years but the quality of the food has remained consistent. Sonny is the current owner. Sonny and Christie are both super friendly and always willing to spark up a friendly conversation. By the time you leave you’ll feel like family.

Where to do it: When it comes to casual dining the Sunnyside Diner is hard to beat. The Diner is located in the middle of town. If you get lost any local can point you in the right direction. If you’re short on time order a slice of famous pie and a large cup of Sun juice to go.

Insider Tip: During the football season, the big seller is the fire grilled buffalo wings. Once you have tried them you’ll know why. You better put your order in early if you want a tray for football Sunday.