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Design Dinner Table

We are thankful to everybody who took the time to spend any of their day with Griddle Creek.  Whether you purchased a book, shared a post, liked a post, or visited the website, Thank you! Happy Holidays!

Soup’s On!

Design MarqueeThe temperatures have started to drop and that means it is soup weather in Griddle Creek. The Sunnyside Diner runs a soup-of-the-week special all through the winter months. Most residents have a favorite soup. You can usually tell who likes what soup based on who is in the Diner the most that week.

Inside tip: If they do not have your favorite, order something else. If you do not subscribe to the webpage, you can also check the new marquee sign to find out the soup of the week.

Brought to you by the Griddle Creek Board of Tourism


Look before you Leap!

Design Restrooms

The Sunnyside Diner thought it would be fun to decorate for the Halloween season. All the customers seem to be enjoying the new look. However, a few of the customers seem to get a little turned around by the decorative signage.

What to do: If you’re in town around this time of year, drop into the Diner and check out the decorations.

Inside tip: Read the sign carefully before you go through the door.

Brought to you by the Griddle Creek Board of Tourism.

Sweetest Day!

Design Sweetest DaySweetest Day is designed to encourage us to give small tokens (little treats, cards, show of support) to those around us who are suffering to remind them of the sweetness in this world.

Happy Sweetest Day everybody!

Dude, where’s my Car!

Design Motorcycle

Their regular squad car is in the repair shop so Officer Cakeman and his partner are forced to find other means of transportation this week. Unfortunately, a few of the Griddle Creek department cars are down at the same time so a motorcycle is the only option available.

Cakeman wonders how long it will take to fix their car and also if there were two separate motorcycles available?

Brought to you by the Griddle Creek Board of Tourism.

National Comic Book Day!

Design Comic Book Day

The town of Griddle Creek is celebrating Comic Book Day.

What to do: Stop into your favorite local bookstore and purchase a comic book. Go online and order a comic book or subscribe to a webcomic. The comic book options are practically endless. Pick one of your favorites or take a chance and discover something new.

Where to do it: Any and everywhere. On the bus or train on the way to work. On your lunch break. In the breakroom. Take time today to enjoy a comic book.

Inside tip: For comic book recommendations don’t be afraid to ask DeCaffe, she has been collecting them for years. Just don’t ask her while she is in the middle of reading one.


Design Police Dept

The next stop on our Griddle Creek tour brings us to the local Police Station. Nobody likes to include a Police station on their sightseeing tour but these are the men and women that help to keep Griddle Creek the lovely community that it is. Don’t worry, we doubt that you will ever need them on your visit. In fact, you are more likely to see officers at the local hangouts than at a crime scene. However, if you ever do need them the Griddle Creek Police Department (G.C.P.D.) is always available to assist you. The two top officers in the department are currently Officer Long and his partner Officer Cakeman. This duo has an uncanny knack for solving crimes. This is much to the dismay of Officer Glazier and Officer King who are jealous because they want to be the top officer duo in the department.

National Cheeseburger Day!

Design Chesseburger

The town of Griddle Creek is celebrating Cheeseburger Day.

What to do: Stop into your favorite place and order yourself a cheeseburger. The options range from the high-end at The Maple Hotel through to the more budget friendly at the Burger Manor.

Where to do it: The two most popular places in town with the locals are the Sunnyside Diner and Burger Manor. If you’re trying to decide, Burger Manor is a fast food establishment so you may save some time. However, for taste, the Sunnyside Diner is definitely the better option. The Sunnyside Diner has a cheeseburger special going today. Come in for the burgers and stay for the pie.

Inside tip: Don’t let it slip to Sonny or Christie that you eat at Burger Manor unless you want to start something you can’t finish.

Positive Vibes!

Design Positive Thinking Day

Today is National Positive Thinking Day! If you are new to Positive Thinking Day, it is a day set aside each year to concentrate on all things positive. Residents of Griddle Creek are taking time out to concentrate on the good stuff. Positive feelings and thoughts are for good for mental and physical health. So, join the Griddle Creek residents in spreading some positive vibes today.

What to do: If you are not sure what to do to celebrate, here are a few suggestions to set the tone.
• Say some positive affirmations.
• Hang around with positive people.
• Show gratitude for the simple things in life.
• Read or watch positive, motivational books and movies.
• Be kind to someone today.
• Simply smile.

Where to do it: Any and everywhere. Begin thinking about the good stuff and chase those pessimistic thoughts from your head. Encourage someone to be optimistic today.

Insider tip: Positive vibes are contagious. You’ll be much more fun to be around.