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First in Line!

Design Book Release

Things are normal around town. The residents are out and about enjoying their day. Fluffy visits the local book store in search of some new reading material. It is good timing on his part because the book store is having a sale. A poster in the window catches his eye but unfortunately, this title is not available yet. The clerk at the register advises Fluffy the selection, Griddle Creek: Sugar Rush, will not be available until the 15th. Fluffy thanks the clerk and leaves the store, only to return 20 minutes later.

What to do: Fluffy returns to the book store with a tent and sleeping bag. He promptly begins to set up a base camp outside of the store. Fluffy plans to camp out so he is first in line on the 15th.

Where to do it: On the sidewalk, outside of the book store, in everybody’s way.

Insider Tip: When Fluffy makes his mind up to do something there is no talking him out of it. He has an amazing amount of willpower.

What’s this blog thing all about?

It’s here, my very first blog post. I’m new to blogging but I hope to catch on quickly.  I’m discovering that there are so many great blogs already out there and I’m sure many more that have yet to be created.  I am happy to be a part of the community.  I started this blog as an outlet to have some fun through comics and humor.  I plan to use this blog primarily to post and discuss content related to the Griddle Creek book series. Thanks so much for visiting.