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C is for Cookie!

Design Chocolate Chip

The Sunnyside Diner is constantly expanding their dessert menu.  This week they are featuring their take on a classic, the chocolate chip cookie. If you’re in Griddle Creek this week be sure to stop by the Diner and try them, we are sure you will not be disappointed. If for whatever reason they are not to your liking, the Sunnyside Diner is always happy to correct any issues you have with your order.

Inside tip:  The Sunnyside Diner does take phone-in orders, just make sure you’re speaking to Christy.

Brought to you by the Griddle Creek Board of Tourism

Breakfast of Champions!

Design Oatmeal Cookie

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, just because it has oatmeal in it does not mean it is a healthy breakfast.

What to do: Eat a healthy balanced breakfast.

Where to do it: The Sunnyside Diner has several healthy breakfast options and just as many non-healthy options.

Inside tip: Sonny cracks himself up. He was so busy laughing that he ended up burning his next batch of cookies. Sonny says he forgot. Christy says it’s karma.


Brought to you by the Griddle Creek Board of Tourism.

No Code Cracking Required!

Design Cookie Day

Griddle Creek is getting into the holiday spirit. Trees and lights are going up all over town.
What to do: Get into the festive spirit.
Where to do it: At the Sunnyside Diner, they are starting to add holiday items to the daily menu. Come in this week and try the decorated Christmas cookies, they are guaranteed to put you in a holiday mood. Cookie trays are also available for catering events.
Inside tip: There is no special code language required to order anything at the Sunnyside Diner. Sonny likes to keep it simple. No decipher ring necessary.