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Mother’s Day!

Design Marquee Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers from Griddle Creek and the Sunnyside Diner. If you’re looking for a last minute place to go, stop into the Sunnyside Diner, today all mothers eat for free. Thank you to all the mothers for all that you do.

Inside tip:  Sick of your kids?  You don’t have to bring them with you to qualify for the special.

Brought to you by the Griddle Creek Board of Tourism

Egg Hunt!

Design Easter Egg Hunt2

The town of Griddle Creek hosts an Easter Egg hunt every year that is open to the public. If you are visiting town this week be sure to head down and register. Each egg is filled with a different surprise. It is a fun family event and visitors of all ages are welcome.

Inside tip: The adult egg hunt starts in the afternoon, those eggs have cash in them.

Brought to you by the Griddle Creek Board of Tourism.

Everything is Fair Game!

Design State Fair

It is another beautiful day at the Griddle Creek Town Fair. If you have not had a chance to go yet there is still time to visit. Come on down, the fairgrounds await you.

What to do: You will never go hungry at the fair. One of the most popular fair activities is eating. Have fun choosing, there are lots of on-a-stick items to choose from.

Where to do it: Head down to the Griddle Creek fairgrounds. There are so many food vendors to choose from. You are sure to find a food vendor selling something you like.

Inside tip: There is no limit to what foods can be put on a stick, everything is fair game. Fair food just tastes better on a stick.

Brought to you by the Griddle Creek Board of Tourism.