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Time out!

Design Tournament time

It has been a fun season and now the time everybody at the Griddle Creek Gymnasium has been waiting for is almost here. Well not quite everybody, really just the ones that play in the 3-on-3 Intramural Basketball League.

What to do: There is nothing more you can do at this point. It’s the last game of the season before the playoffs begin.

Where to do it: All of the tournament games take place at the Griddle Creek Gymnasium. Check the board to find out which team you’re playing against.

Insider tip: Get some rest, eat your vitamins, and say your prayers because winning this tournament won’t be easy. Instant Domination is once again favored to win it all. Will any team be able to beat them? Hugo is so confident he is not even taking this last game seriously.


Brought to you by the Griddle Creek Board of Tourism.

Who Wants Pizza?!

Design Pizza Day

Today is National Sausage Pizza day and the town of Griddle Creek is celebrating. The options range from the high-end at The Maple Hotel through to the more budget friendly at the Sunnyside Diner.

What to do: Stop into your favorite pizzeria and purchase the largest sausage pizza they have. If you’re short on time order a sausage pizza online and it will be ready for you to pick up on the way home from work. The potential pizza topping combinations are practically endless.

Where to do it: For local flavor, we recommend the Sunnyside Diner. Although convenient, we do not recommend you get your pizza from the GC Gas Station. Ignore the many colorful signs inside the station claiming how hot and tasty the slices are.

Inside tip: A favorite pizza at the Sunnyside Diner is the Misty Eye. Rumor has it that Sonny was once asked how the name originated and his answer was the pizza is so good it will make your eyes well-up with joy. The Misty Eye is a thin crust sausage pizza topped with onion and green pepper.