Slide or Die!

Design Giant Slide

It is opening week at the Griddle Creek Town Fair. The GC Town Fair showcases the best animals, rides, and foods on-a-stick. The Griddle Creek Town Fair is quite the event for both locals and tourists.

What to do: One of the most popular rides at the fair is still the Jumbo Slide. Riders climb the stairs to the top, grab a burlap sack, and enjoy the ride down to the bottom. There is officially no racing allowed on the Jumbo Slide however you’ll find that racing to the bottom is what most sliders do.

Where to do it: Head down to the Griddle Creek fairgrounds. Once inside grab a handful of ride tickets and head over to the Jumbo Slide. Anybody at the fair can point you in the right direction. Come down and have some fun.

Inside tip: The Jumbo Slide is a fast ride. We do not suggest you go down the Jumbo Slide on a full stomach. Also, Wyat likes to capture the races he wins with a winning selfie.

Brought to you by the Griddle Creek Board of Tourism.

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