Rolling on the River!

Design Lazy River Night

The luxurious Maple Hotel knows how to do it right; they have the best lazy river experience in Griddle Creek.

What to do: Put on your favorite bathing suit, grab a float and let the current carry your stress away as you float around the river.

Where to do it: Make your way over to the Maple Hotel pool area and ask for the Lazy River. If you wish to avoid children, the Lazy River is open to adults only after 10 pm.

Inside tip: The LED neon pool lights come on at 9 pm. If you see any neon colors in the water before 9 pm please exit the pool and notify somebody.

Brought to you by the Griddle Creek Board of Tourism.

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  1. Why is Sonny always in the middle of everything. Does he own shares in the Maple Hotel.

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