A Griddle Creek Christmas


A Griddle Creek Christmas is an e-book about Christmas time in the wonderful town of Griddle Creek. This is printable e-book. 1 PDF file with 29 pages. No physical item will be shipped to you. Personal use is allowed.

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It is Christmas time in your favorite town.
The residents are excited, there is a buzz all around.
So, flip through the pages and take sneak peek.
Learn what Christmas time is like in Griddle Creek.

DO NOT SELL copies of this work, modified or as is, or share it digitally online. You may NOT sell it, or products made with it, or use it for any commercial purposes.

About the Author

M. Malenga is an independent writer.  M. Malenga is the author of several books in the Griddle Creek series including Sugar Rush, Fools Gold, Spilled Milk, Pretzel Twist, French Dressing, Fishy Business, Lost Treasure, and Trick or Treat.